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The Proving Grounds campaign will begin on or about April 21st played locally at GHQ on every other saturday night. We might possibly play at Darrens which is about 2 miles sw of GHQ but the group size is starting to prove larger than expected.

The adventure will begin on the borders of the small insular country of Tovin. Having recently been conquered by the automaton army of Xiz, all the surviving Tovins are expelled mercilessly.

Character Creation Info: Humans start out at 2nd level Demihumans start at 3rd level with a 15% XP bonus. Elite Array 15,14,13,12,10,8 adding 2 to the lowest stat and 1 to any other.

Hit points: Everyone gets MAX HP for the first 3 levels and 75% of MAX every level thereafter. You can roll if you want rerolling 1’s but what you roll is final.

I also double all feats gained. If you recieve one feat you get two with the same restrictions on both. Example: Some fighter feats must be picked from fighter only feats. So the bonus feat will also be picked from fighter only feats.

Also skill points are increased. The multiplier is increased by 1 for all classes. If you are (4 + INT)X 4 then it will be (4 + INT)X 5.

Every 5th level the PC’s will gain a gestalt level similair to the procedure in Unearthed Arcana.

The extra level cannot be a prestige class level, nor can It be the same class twice.

Books available beyond the core are:
  • All Completes minus Psionic
  • Unearthed Arcana no bloodlines. Mainly the paragons are allowed any others contact DM.
  • Ultimate Book of Prestige Classes I and II. ALL MUST BE GM APPROVED AHEAD OF TIME
  • Book of Eldritch Might
  • Book of Divine Might
  • Pocket Grimoire
  • Pocket Divine
  • Spell Comp
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • PHB II
  • DMG II
  • Cityscape

    Every PC starts with whatever reasonable basic equip they desire. Whatever class(s) your character has will determine starting arms/armor. The basic equip package at the end of every class description will be guide lines for that. Everything PC owns must be able to fit on a horse or mule.
    Every PC may also start with inherited/acquired magic items. 1-3 item(s) offensive/defensive valued 2500 gp or less meaning arms or armor. 1-3 items(s) misc. magic valued 1500 gp or less. anything not covered by arms or armor but not ammunition.

anyone that needs access to PDF’s of the books, email me. I have a torrent of all the books.

Proving Grounds

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