Proving Grounds


In the year 4278 of the Age of Man the realm is an unpredictable place. In the past 4000 years since the fall of the Gods and their subsequent retreat to planes and places unknown, Man has conquered, been defeated, and risen again many times. Slowly, each nation was more stable than the last, coalescing into islands of order, safety, and prosperity in an ocean of dangerous wildlands. The humanoid races are in a gradual decline since the rise of man. Mostly all have been pushed into the far southern jungles of Cztzl, north into the Glacial Lands, or smashed on the anvil of the great desert of the Mirakeen Elves to the east.

Man’s power is centered in the Westerlands. Its westernmost border running along an inhospitable coast for thousands of miles, starting in the Ice Floes of the far north Glacial Lands to southern Archipelagos of the Pirate Kings. The Westerland Kingdom is a statement of a bygone age. It is a kingdom with no king. 11 loosely allied city-states band together as the only of the human kingdoms to survive the last war.


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