Proving Grounds


A simple start.

The weary band of refugees finally made it out of Tuvia after 30 days of hard travel.

Upon nightfall of the first day into the neighboring land of Aereth the group camped a 1/2 mile off the road. Nervous because of the destruction of Tuvia and the nightmare that was their escape they decide to take watches in case of trouble. The beautiful sorceress drew first watch and promptly fell asleep not waking till dawn. p. A deep rumble beneath them woke the party abruptly from their slumber. Jolted awake, moments before the ground erupted as one of the deadly golems pulls itself out of the ground showering the entire party in dirt. Most of the party were able scramble clear of the wave of dirt as it crashed down around them. the golem was being harassed to no effect by some koboldish looking creatures of larger than normal size. The partied eyed them warily and allowed to reenter the hole the golem had made. The PC’s fearing conflict hightailed it to Hadlers Gap the nearest town.

As they approached the village of 500, over 2000 refugees were camped near and around the city. Initally rebuffed by the town militia as they attempted to enter the city, some smooth talking opened the way.

After inquiring about a room and resupply, inflation, due to the downfall of Tuvia, had devalued their coin by upwards of 75%. the most charismatic of the party talked to the moneylender and after bartering a magic ring were able to exchange up to 5000 coins for a 1:1 exchange rate.

They managed to make an acquaintance with the 200 yr old dwarf who ran the inn and traded off on guard duty for reduced room and board.

they met with the town elder and after some admissions of prior happenings with the party he extended his trust to the party and asked them to deliver papers to the next largest town and pass along factual information about Tuvias fall and the influx of refugees.

The group is about to head back to Hadlers gap as the episode closed.


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